Source Results; August 6th 2011, Clydebank

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With two titles on the line and the chance to battle international star Paul Tracey in the main event, the stars of Source were firing on all thrusters as they returned to Clydebank’s Centre 81, kicking off with an amazing exhibition from four of the most dazzling talents to emerge from the Source Wrestling School for the chance to battle the Lord of the Manor.

There wasn’t a man in the match who didn’t put everything on the line but after a hard fought battle Dicky Divers was able to make the win with a surprising submission and as soon as the tap was made, Paul Tracey emerged from the back to stare down his opponent for the night. Tracey grabbed the mic from resident MC, The Wizard, and told Divers he wasn’t going to face him in a flag match and risk losing to a ‘common cretin’ like him because of a piece of cloth being waved around. He told Divers it’d be a fair fight, pinfall or submission, or he was getting back on a plane to Ireland and never coming back. Fired up and eager for the challenge, Divers agreed and the match was set.

After spending almost two hours backstage preparing for their respective opponents, the two met in the ring for the main event and despite Tracey refusing the flag match, he made sure to bring out the flag anyway, winding Divers up by stuffing the Scottish flag down his trunks and stomping it to get a reaction. And he got it! Antagonizing Divers enough to drop his guard, Tracey managed to cut him off and stay on top, but his boasting to the crowd split his focus and it was only a matter of time before Divers took advantage, fired back up and smashed into Tracey at full force. The turning point came with a huge DDT from Divers from the top rope, rattling Tracey but with only a two count – and a few more close pinfalls afterwards – Divers had their crowd on their feet as he pulled out his usual high risk maneuvers and it paid off, getting the Lord of the Manor down for a three count to win the match and continue his streak!

Earlier in the night we saw tag team action as BMW met the Originals in the ring. Well, not quite the Originals… With Eric Canyon replacing the injured Raging Bull, and tag champ Adam Shame tied up with other tasks, Canyon decided that since he owns the titles he can do what he wants with them. So he stripped his team of the belts and declared a new set of champions. Obviously, one of the belts were put around his own waist, and the other was awarded to Forsaken member Helo. The Rev recently gained a pin over Scott Renwick and had managed to get inside Damo O’Conors head, only losing by disqualification in their singles match a few months back. With the Forsaken’s reign in Source, Canyon decided there was no better pick backstage for a partner. But he may have regretted that decision down the line.

Despite being able to gain control over BMW, with Helo delivering vicious knee strikes and hammering into Renwick’s back, and Canyon hitting suplexes to out-do O’Conor, it looked like the titles would stay with the odd couple team, but when BMW dazzled Canyon and Helo, getting them worked up and attempting a superplex on Renwick, Scotty battled back knocking Canyon out the ring and giving Damo the change to raise Helo onto his shoulders so Renwick could jump off the top rope and deliver a face crushing bulldog for the winning pinfall, making BMW the new SWA Tag Team Champions!

This not only marks the third title reign for BMW, but if you read our recent feature, Record Breakers, you’ll now that this means Damien O’Conor has set a new record by having the most individual title wins in SWA!

That wasn’t the only SWA title on the line that night and while Joe Coffey was able to similar success and retain the Laird of the Ring Championship, it was at a price. His nemesis, Mark Anthony, introduced Mike Musso as his opponent and while he struggled without having any time to prepare, Joe did manage to fight back and get on top of the Fife star. But as soon as he did, Anthony stormed back to the ring and attacked Coffey causing a disqualification and letting Joe know that as long as he has that title, he’s Mark Anthony’s prime target. Anthony’s lust for being champion also got him through his Pride of Scotland tournament match as he defeated Andy Anderson to advance into the next stage of the tournament, getting himself one step closer to both Source’s Pride and SWA’s Laird titles on the same night!

One of the major highlights of the night saw Christopher Saynt battle Glen Dunbar. The last time we were in Clydebank, Saynt – who lived a stones throw away from the venue – made his debut against Dunbar but thanks to the Lowland Superstars veteran cunning and some outside interference from the Forsaken, Saynt went home that night with a loss under his belt. Determined to prove himself in front of his friends and family, the young Source star was on fire as soon as he stepped through the curtain. With a few huge moves making unbar panic and get to the ropes, Saynt fell victim to Dunbars veteran instincts once again and as the match progressed, every massive step forward meant to steps back as Dunbar always seemed to have a plan up his sleeve.

In the closing moments of the match, there was a feeling of déjà vu as Saynt reversed a head scissors from into a cross face. And just like their first match, The Forsaken’s manager Jam O’Malley interfered, Dunbar tapped while the refs back was turned and as Saynt got rid of O’Malley he received a low blow! Dunbar realised that this had all happened before, and decided it would all happen again. As he beat Saynt down to the mat he climbed the top rope to hit the frog splash he defeated Saynt with last time they did battle, but to his surprise, Saynt dodged out of the way, got on top of Dunbar and his a frog splash of his own!

As he made the pin, the crowd chanted to three along with the referee’s count and Saynt redeemed himself gaining a huge victory in front of his home crowd!

Quick results;
- Dicky Divers defeated ‘Crazy’ Craig Byers, Tommy Daniels & ‘Classic’ Mark Stevens to advance to the main event.
- Mark Anthony w/ Charles William Yum defeated Andy Anderson to advance in the Pride of Scotland tournament.
- Britains Most Wanted (Damo O’Conor & Scott Renwick) defeated Mr Eric Canyon & The Reverend to win the SWA Tag Team Championship.
- Christopher Saynt defeated Glen Dunbar w/ Jam O’Malley
- Joe Coffey defeated Mike Musso by DQ due to interference
- Dicky Divers defeated Paul Tracey in the Lord of the Manor challenge.

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