Viper & Kirsty Love make their Eve debut.

Posted in News on Sunday, October 9, 2011 by revstjames.

Since the inception of the all-woman Pro Wrestling Eve promotion, SWA’s Nikki Storm has been a huge part of it’s roster as she mixes with the best talent across Europe. On the night she stepped in the ring with one of Japan’s top female athletes, two other graduates of the Source Wrestling School made their debut.

As Eve invited stars of Japans all-female promotion Ice Ribbon, Nikki Storm found herself tackling Tukasa Fujimoto; a young woman who’s made waves in the past couple of years with her rise to glory being a win in six seconds to gain her first singles championship. Having broke records and risen to the top, Fujimoto was a touch challenger for Storm, but after a hard fought contest, it was our own Nikki Storm who came out on top as she gained the winning pin on the Japanese star!

As Storm gained another important victory as she strives to become Pro Wrestling Eve Champion, two other Source Wrestling School graduates made an impression as they made their debut with the promotion.

Having battled against each other in Source, Viper and Kirsty Love found themselves once again in the ring as they both made their debut with Eve.

Love has excelled since her debut earlier this year when she was put up against the powerful Vyper in front of her home crowd. Despite a vicious assault from Vyper, Love was able to fight back and gain a win in her first ever match, which is something Viper has never been able to forget.

As their rivalry spilled over to Eve, they left the promotion and the fans impressed with their performance and took their first steps into the next chapter of their career. With Eve putting a spotlight on female talents, it was oppertunity for them both to shine and those of us as SWA, Source and the Source Wrestling School are proud to see two of our talents take the next step in their careers and gain such a massive opportunity.

With Lindsay Turner making her full Source debut this weekend and another female graduate due to make her debut on October 16th, its evident that SWA continues to be the leading supplier of female wrestling talent in Scotland.

More info;
- Source Wrestling School | Find out more about our wrestling school
- Pro Wrestling Eve | Eve’s official website

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