Joe Coffey

Hometown | City Gym, Glasgow
Height / Weight | 5’11 / 248 lbs
Finisher | Discuss Lariat

Career Highlights
SWA Laird of the Ring Champion

An intimidating sight for any opponent, the tank-like powerhouse Joe Coffey has excelled in just a few short years from being a student at the Source Wrestling School to the poster boy for SWA.

Believing in the spirit of true competition, Coffey strives to prove himself as a worthy and honourable competitor. A tactic that has seen him have a lot of success, particularly in his run as Laird of the Ring Champion.

Having been the longest reigning Laird of the Ring Champion in SWA, Coffey took on any and all challengers, often offering members of the locker room the chance to battle for the title to gain as much experience as he could, learning from every move, mistake and victory.

As a disciplined athlete and personal trainer, Coffey knows how to stay strong and stay focused in his training which has made him a legitimate threat since his debut. Now with more experience behind him, and a following that’s growing fast, Coffey is most definitely one to watch and has already been marked as a possible NWA Scottish Champion in the future.

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